There are different ways to clean a carpet, with steam cleaning and hot carbonating extraction to good old vacuuming. They all get different results and are preformed differently. Equipment plays a vital role in differentiating the processes.

Steam Cleaning
Steam cleaning through the traditional way would require putting heaps of soap mixed with water on the carpet and then pumping it out with the steam cleaner. A high degree of pressure would be applied. This phenomenon can be quite tough on the carpet and in some cases; it would mean that the stains and dirt might go deeper into the carpet. Some of the cleaning chemicals are such that they can be quite harmful to pets and kids. Most of the houses have pets and kids and it is important to use the products, which are eco-friendly and free from harmful substances.

Hot Carbonating Extraction
In this process, 80% less water is used; however, carpet cleaning would be efficient and effective. This process would emphasize extraction and it would pull out the soil and moisture from the carpet. There would not be the use of harmful chemicals like traditional steam cleaners. Using this particular process means that there are chances of not damaging the carpet, which is important because nobody would want to invest their hard-earned income in repurchasing carpets repeatedly.

It is wise to do thorough research on the difference between steam cleaning and hot carbonating extraction. There is lots of information, which is easily available online with a simple click on the internet. It would be wise to watch the tutorials and read on the difference between the two methods and the benefits associated.