Although your couch is something that you most likely regard positively, given that it provides a comfortable place for you to sit and relax when the thought of coach cleaning enters your mind, that positivity might diminish. Unfortunately, if you want your couch to remain comfortable and last you a considerable time, it will need cleaning. However, no rule says you must do it all yourself.

Many people hire professional couch cleaning companies to clean their couches which ensures the best results. Nevertheless, they are not in your home every day, and therefore you must do all you can between their couch cleaning appointments to keep your couch clean and maintained. As such, there are ten effective methods to achieve this.

Effective Method #1 – Ban Eating And Drinking On The Couch: Easier to insist upon within some families and households than others. However, one of the best ways to maintain your couch’s appearance between professional cleans is to ban anyone from eating food or drinking liquids whilst they are sitting on your couch… including yourself!

Effective Method #2 – Use Protective Fabric Spray: If you have a fabric couch, then it might be possible to have it sprayed with a protective solution that will make cleaning spills and stains much easier. The protection forms an invisible seal within the fabric’s fibres which retains their feel and comfort.

Effective Method #3 – Use Leather Conditioner: For those that have a leather couch, one of the best methods of maintaining it is to apply a leather conditioner. This helps to keep the leather supple and can prevent the leather from drying and cracking, especially if it is in a room that gets hot during the day.

Effective Method #4 – Stop Pets Lying On Your Couch:  Not much to add here, but simply that you need to train any furry pets, such as dogs and cats that they are not to jump up and lie on your couch, regardless of whether it is fabric or leather.

Effective Method #5 – Remove Hairs With A Lint Roller: Even if you implement method #4 it is still possible for hairs to be on your coach from the humans who sit on it, by being transferred from clothes, or when naughty pets lie on the couch when you are not there to stop them.

Effective Method #6 – Vacuum Regularly: Another simple one whereby you ensure you vacuum your couch regularly to remove dust, dirt, crumbs, hair, and dander, all of which can make your couch look grubby.

Effective Method #7 – Rotate, Plump, And Turn Cushions: This will both prolong the life of your cushions and make them look presentable at all times. For cushions with soft fillings, you should plump and turn these at the end of every day to maintain their shape, and for all cushions, rotate them regularly so they wear evenly.

Effective Method #8 – Keep Your Couch Out Of Direct Sunlight: One of the biggest dangers to your couch does not come from inside your home but from outside. We are talking about the sun and the harm that can occur, such as discolouration, if sunlight is allowed to shine on your couch constantly.

Effective Method #9 – Alter Your Seating Position: Although plumping and turning cushions can help maintain them, another way it can be done, and to otherwise ensure even wear on your couch, is to change which seat cushion you sit on several times a week.

Effective Method #10 – Ask Your Professional Couch Cleaners For Advice: Beyond the methods we have outlined above, there is no better source of advice than the professionals you hire to clean your couch. Next time they are there, ask them for tips on how to best maintain your couch.