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If your home is not very large there are several ways to make the rooms look more spacious. The advantages of doing so are mainly enhanced lifestyle as you won’t feel cramped up, or that the walls are closing in on you. And you won’t feel at a disadvantage when friends or relatives with larger homes come to visit. Of course we all know that the latter should not matter, but we are all human and so it does – at least for many people.

Keep out the clutter

One way to make rooms look larger is to keep furniture to a minimum. Don’t clutter up the room with small items of furniture in every corner. Too many occasional tables filled with photographs, figurines or flowers will eat up your space. Even too many pictures on the walls will make them tend to close in on you.

Toy or craft clutter will also make a room look smaller as well as crowded and messy. If you have kids with lots of toys or are a crafter, keep tubs handy to put all the stuff into when it is not being used. Even papers and magazines can spread out over the sofa and floor if you are not careful and they too, cause a room to look smaller.

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Carpets are a popular floor covering due to the noise insulation and the warmth they provide in the home, not to mention a soft landing for toddlers learning to walk. But just like other floor surfaces they get dirty and need to be cleaned. The trouble is that dirt and dust that can easily be seen on the hard floor surface is hidden within the carpet fibres, so it looks cleaner, meaning the carpet may not get cleaned as often as it should.

Steam cleaning

Having a professional steam clean the carpet is the best way to get it properly clean as the steam penetrates all the carpet fibres and lifts the dirt out of them. Any moisture left behind is sucked up by the cleaning equipment so the carpet ends up being much cleaner and it can dry out quickly. Most experts recommend this be done on an annual basis, but much depends on your lifestyle and climate.

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Let Brilliance Carpet Cleaning Perth guide you through the cleaning maze

Firstly, be wary of web sites and advertisements offering Free Cleaner Consumer Guide, Cleaning Tips & Hints, Non-Profit Cleaning Reports, Recommended Best Cleaners, etc

There is an increasing number of cleaning businesses setting-up misleading web sites and advertising which on the surface appear to offer independent and unbiased advice to consumers about services such as carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile cleaning, rug cleaning, floor cleaning, steam cleaning, etc.

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