Although carpet flooring is a great alternative to tile or hardwood flooring, many people find it hard to make the right choices regarding carpet cleaning. There are many misconceptions that are related to carpet cleaning and general carpet care that mislead homeowners to make wrong choices. Here are five common myths that you should know about:

Renting a carpet cleaning machine is all you need
Some think renting a cleaning machine will do the trick regarding carpet cleaning. This is false because you may damage your carpet or partially clean the carpet. One of the reasons why most people prefer renting a machine instead of hiring a professional is to save money. However, with limited skills and knowledge, you might spend more than you anticipated.

All carpet cleaning methods are the same
This is not true because there are different types of carpets that require different cleaning methods. There are dry and wet cleaning methods and your choice may be determined by the carpet flooring you have, your budget, the degree of soiling and weather conditions. Some of the methods are more effective, and hence they are recommended. With the help of an expert, you can determine the right method to use when cleaning your carpet.

Carpet deodorants will keep your carpet clean and fresh
Carpet deodorant is a powder sprinkled on the carpet to keep it fresh and looking good. Therefore, this is a temporary solution and should not be considered a permanent solution to cleaning your carpet. Instead, you should have your carpet flooring cleaned by a professional at least twice a year.

Carpet cleaning is expensive
Some people think that cleaning their carpet flooring every now and then is expensive. As a result, they wait for a long period of time before doing it thus damaging thus carpet flooring. When you clean the carpet regularly, it retains its original colour, removes dirt and germs and lasts for a long period of time. This means you will save a lot of money in the long run because you won’t have to replace your carpet often. In addition, there are reputable Dianella carpet cleaning companies that offer affordable prices to clean your carpet.

Regular carpet cleaning will damage the carpet
Although cleaning chemicals might bleach your carpet, they do not cause any damage. When you clean your carpet regularly, it lasts longer, unlike when it remains dirty! However, you have to use the right chemicals, cleaning methods and procedure. DIY might cause problems because you may use the wrong cleaning technique. As a result, hiring an expert is recommended to do it right.