Couch cleaning is something that can deal both with an emergency such as spilt wine and be a regular task to keep your couch in tip-top condition. However, even the most diligent of people can often make mistakes regarding the cleaning of their couches, which are likely to do more harm than good. So, to help you avoid those couch cleaning mistakes, we have outlined seven of the most common ones, so that you are fully aware of them.

Common Couch Cleaning Mistake #1 – Not Reading Your Couch’s Care Instructions: We have this mistake first because it is the most common, and the most easily remedied simply by reading the care label. By doing so, you ensure that you are caring for your couch as it should be according to the manufacturers. Also, you avoid risking damaging it by cleaning it with something that should never be anywhere near your couch.

Common Couch Cleaning Mistake #2 – Failing To Regularly Vacuuming Your Couch: Vacuuming can often seem like a boring chore, however, it genuinely is something that you must do to keep your couch clean. Not vacuuming allows particles of dirt, grit, and food as well as hair from you, your family, and any pets you might have to remain. With all of that accumulating by you not vacuuming, your couch becomes both grubby and a less-than-pleasant place to sit.

Common Couch Cleaning Mistake #3 – Attempting To Clean Using The Wrong Products: This mistake is probably responsible for more couches being ruined and needing replacing than any other. Often what will happen is someone will use a cleaning product that is unsuitable for the fabric or leather on their couch, or worse, they will mix up a cocktail of various detergents which has the same damaging effect.

Common Couch Cleaning Mistake #4 – Soaking Your Couch With Water: This is a common mistake that often has us shaking our heads wondering why anyone would do this, but it happens. We are talking about the use of too much water on either fabric or leather by people who must think they are washing their car rather than their couch. Excess water can cause stains, shrinking, and misshapen cushions, plus, if not dried properly, it can lead to mould and mildew.

Common Couch Cleaning Mistake #5 – Scrubbing Your Couch With Abrasive Materials: Understandably, people want their couches to be clean and stain-free, but to try to achieve that by scrubbing away furiously on their couches is not the way to go about it. Worse still, is to think that abrasive materials that are more suited to scrubbing pots than cleaning a coach should be used makes their error even more likely to cause harm to their couch.

Common Couch Cleaning Mistake #6 – Taking Too Long To Deal With Stains: Whether this is through laziness, not caring, or not realising the importance of dealing with a stain quickly, will depend on the individual whose couch has just been stained. Time is of the essence when a stain occurs and it means you should not delay for a second in taking the necessary action to treat and remove stains from your couch, as otherwise, they could become permanent stains.

Common Couch Cleaning Mistake #7 – Not Hiring Couch Cleaning Professionals: The couch cleaning mistakes we have already outlined come from people either not wanting to clean their couch, or trying to, but doing it in a way that causes more harm than good. That is why not turning to the people who know more about cleaning couches than any others, namely coach cleaning professionals, and avoiding all of the above, is a mistake you must not make.