Residential carpet cleaning is a job that is growing popular these days. The business has certainly employed several young people and is certainly profitable. This is a service-oriented business and requires proper training and experience.

Working Day Tips

  • Call the client before leaving the area where you are located to confirm timings or if the client has cancelled.
  • Carry all the necessary stuff and arrive on time at the client’s residence. Always knock before you enter.
  • Greet the client and show your identity for verification purposes.
  • Ask the client about the areas to be cleaned.
  • The first thing you should always do before cleaning is move any furniture on the carpets to thoroughly clean.
  • Vacuum all the edges and the entryways when cleaning the carpet, then work through the middle.
  • Now take your carpet cleaner, which is equipped with the detergents, and perform an excavation wash on the carpets.
  • Lastly, groom, dry the carpet, then return the furniture carefully as you found it.

If the client is at home, always make sure you ask them to confirm if they are satisfied, appreciate the job offered and ask them to call you next time.

Things to always wear for resident carpet cleaner staff

  • Proper clean uniform as you are working.
  • Always have a name tag or carry a readable badge with your name.
  • If need be carry a pair of gloves.