Removing tough stains from your carpets can be difficult. You could always call in a professional carpet cleaning team, but this isn’t always necessary with minor stains. However, immediate treatment is essential.

If you don’t treat tough carpet stains immediately, you could run into all sorts of problems. As you can imagine, dark stains on pale carpets – or vice versa – look terrible.

In this article, we’ve put together a complete guide to removing tough stains from your carpets without using toxic chemicals. Good luck, and remember, there’s no harm in giving your local carpet cleaners a call if you’re having trouble.

Make Sure You Deal With Stains Immediately

Of course, it’s tempting to leave that red wine stain until the next morning or to treat your pet urine stains when you have more time after work. However, doing so is a recipe for disaster.

Tough stains will bind to your carpet over time, so they must be removed immediately. We highly recommend treating all stains immediately using the methods outlined below.

Note that different types of stains will require different treatments, so this guide is quite general. Do some research before treating any stain. Otherwise, you will probably just end up making the problem worse.

  1. Remove Any Physical Debris Immediately

First, you will need to remove any physical debris with a spoon or fork. This is especially true regarding food spills or pet faeces stains.

When you’re doing this, you will need to be careful to ensure you don’t force the stain further into your carpet. Use a scooping motion, but don’t apply any more downward pressure than necessary.

  1. Blot the Area Dry

The key word here is blot. Use a clean paper towel or rag and use a gentle blotting motion to soak up as much liquid as possible. Don’t scrub the area or push too hard, or you will force the stain deeper again and make it harder to remove.

  1. Use Some Stain Remover Solution

Once you’ve removed as much liquid from the area as possible, you must use some stain remover solution. This will vary according to the type of stain you’re dealing with, so be careful.

In many cases, a simple mixture of vinegar and warm water will be enough to remove carpet stains. However, you might need a commercial stain remover for very tough problems.

  1. Cover With Baking Soda and Vacuum Clean

Finally, once the area is dry, you will need to cover it with baking soda, work it into the carpet a little and then vacuum the area dry. If this doesn’t remove the stain properly, you could repeat the treatment.

Alternatively, we would recommend getting in touch with your local carpet cleaning company immediately and letting them deal with it. They will have much more experience than you and will be able to determine the perfect solution for your carpet stains.