As you probably know, pets and carpeted floors aren’t usually a good combination. They tend to go together! Removing pet urine stains from your carpets is usually best done by a professional carpet cleaner. Still, there are a few things you can do yourself if accidents occur regularly.

Again, using a commercial carpet cleaner is the best and most surefire way to remove urine stains from your floors. However, we’ve compiled a short list of home remedies that will do the trick. These include:

Clean Up the Mess ASAP

One of the keys to effectively removing pet urine stains is ensuring you deal with them immediately. Over time, they will become “set” in your carpet, which can result in nasty smells and long-term staining.

The first thing you should do is blot up the mess with a dry cloth or towel. Don’t use a scrubbing motion; you will simply push it deeper. When you’ve removed as much as possible, you can move on to one of the following remedies to remove the stain completely.

Use a Tested Pet Urine Deodorizer

One of the key things to know about pet urine is that it contains high levels of ammonia. This means that it’s essential to avoid ammonia-based carpet cleaning products, as they simply won’t work well.

Instead, you must look at a deodorizer that will neutralise the urine and remove any lingering smells. Vinegar is a great home remedy. To use it, simply mix equal parts of vinegar and warm water, spray it on the carpet and let it dry.

Once the affected area is dry, you must spread baking soda around, rub it into the carpet slightly and then vacuum. Problem solved!

Avoid Using Hot Water

Unfortunately, it’s a common misconception that hot water will effectively remove pet urine stains. This is not true – at all.

In fact, using heat can cause all sorts of problems, including setting the stain into your carpet permanently. This will make it much harder or even impossible to remove.

Bonus Tip – Place Toys in Previously Affected Areas

Although you might not realise it, pets hate urinating anywhere they eat or play. This means that you can discourage repeat problems by placing either toys or food in the areas that have been affected by urine stains in the past.

Alternatively, you could just prevent your pets from entering carpeted rooms, especially when they are young. This is really the only surefire way of avoiding problems.

Final Word

Pet urine stains can cause all sorts of problems. They smell, often leaving yellowish blotches on your carpets and can be very difficult to remove if not treated right.

It’s crucial to treat urine stains immediately so that they don’t set on the carpet. Avoid using too much heat, as this will cause more problems. Instead, blot the affected area dry and then clean it with a vinegar mix, as outlined above.

Alternatively, just give your local carpet cleaner a call and ask them to help you out – trust us, it’s often worth it!