Let Brilliance Cleaning guide you through the cleaning maze. Firstly, be wary of websites and advertisements offering Free Cleaner Consumer Guides, Cleaning Tips & Hints, Non-Profit Cleaning Reports, Recommended Best Cleaners, etc

There is an increasing number of cleaning businesses setting up misleading websites and advertising which, on the surface, appear to offer independent and unbiased advice to consumers about services such as carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile cleaning, rug cleaning, floor cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, etc.

This is just a ploy to fool you into a false sense of trust. Don’t become a victim of this gimmick! We recommend you read our consumer advice below and then use your better judgement when deciding whether a cleaning business is trustworthy.

Please consider these factors when reading these types of websites and advertisements…

  • Is the business an official organisation (e.g. Do you have a .org or .gov web address?) such as Consumer Affairs, Choice Magazine, Cleaning Associations, etc
  • How many cleaning businesses do they recommend? In most cases, they only list 2 or 3 cleaning businesses in each state.

Some of these websites are actually the same business or part of the same company or affiliated in some way.
Most of the cleaners listed on these websites pay an advertising fee.

There are hundreds of good cleaners in most states… Why are only a few listed as recommended cleaners?… The answer should now be obvious…Do you really want to do business these cleaners?
Secondly, the ‘Bait-and-switch’ technique is common in many service industries, including the Carpet, Upholstery, Rug & Floor Cleaning sector.

This does not mean that all cleaning businesses practice this deceptive “rip-off” technique. There are many reputable cleaners in most suburbs. Unfortunately, the not so good ones give their industry a poor reputation! The best thing to do is steer well clear of them and they will either go out of business or move on.